Wednesday, 6 April 2011


All from 2003 but not posted til much later. 

Rebuilding tumbled walls at the side of our house, that was going up on top of the wall to stand upright as part of a group of three standing stones. 

The same wall a year or so  on - old walls soon soften with a few plants

A pebbly beach with one of my sculptures - new plants settling in well, a spring runs through here in winter

Succulents survive very well as we rarely get any frosts being near the sea. 

hardy ferns spreading making a hotch potch of textures and shapes. 

New tank going in, I had to take down part of a 3 meter high granite hedge to get the digger near enough to prep the area. 

A full day's work and it is in place but still a bit of a mess to sort 

8 weeks and around 22 tonnes of stone and concrete hand hauled down steep steps and I am almost done. The bedrock was too shallow to fully bury the tank so the ground had to be raised around it. 

 4 months later from above and it has almost disappeared under a riot of colour. 

Succulents are settling into their new home on the well drained little ledge on the new wall. 

I built a fibre reinforced concrete pond a couple of years before this pic and it is maturing very well, the lilies and overhanging foliage provide enough shade to stop algae problems. 

Another view of the pond with slate seating and cobbled fire pit, cobbles once the surface of streets in Newlyn were on their way to a landfill site when I rescued them.

This was a small bush in a plant pot three years ago. 

 Old stones, old rose, old chair

Compass rose with turf cut labyrinth design, I am hoping we will one day own enough land and have enough time to make this a reality at about 20 meters across. 

Labyrinth I carved on a small granite beach boulder found when we rebuilt some stone hedge. 

This was a wedge cut out of an old beech tree that came down in a storm, the shape relates to the dynamics inside a breaking wave. Blimey videos had to be small in those days.

An unfinished plaster and vermiculite experiment with light and shade, it was prep for a bronze that never got made as I changed career shortly after this.